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Bingly bongly.

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Flintknapping in the Forest of Dean

Have been working recently with Karl Lee, a master flintknapper. Flintknapping? Didn’t that die out some millenia ago?

Turns out not. Had a very enjoyable but cold January day in the Forest of Dean photographing Karl in action for his relaunched website, www.primitive-technology.co.uk. I have no idea how he managed to function in what was essentially an outside lean-to in freezing conditions. At least I was moving about!

Also a chance to try out a pair of PhotoSel continuous light soft boxes. Bit of a faff to put up and down, but for the money cracking units.

Anyway, you can view the resulting gallery.

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a38 project viewing

A friend, Eileen, has been working on a selection of images for her first exhibition, part of the a38 project and entitled ‘Mysterious Nature’. My involvement has been providing some technical assistance in the colour management and printing side. Very enjoyable it was too.

The “pay off” was a viewing on 4 Feb 2011, along with Eileen’s talented daughter Jordan and other artists displaying. A good time was had by the very decent turnout.

As ever, I took my camera and grabbed a few shots of the proceedings:


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Paper, paper everywhere …

This week I have mainly been profiling papers, to paraphrase a certain TV show.

We live in “interesting times” with regards to inkjet paper choice. Glossy vs matt, smooth versus texture, OBA or not … the list goes on, with many subtle permutations along the way to confuse the unwary.

Still, I had to start somewhere. I’m using an Epson 3880 (nice bit of kit by the way). Profiles created with a ColorMunki. I have tried to use a Sypder3 in the past but frankly it was a nightmare for print profiling. It also didn’t like the wide gamut display I switched to a while back. The ColorMunki is the bees wotsits by comparison. I digress … (nothing new there).

I’m trying to narrow papers down to just a few for different purposes:

  • Every day glossy. Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper (PGPP) does nicely. Bit thin for the weight of 255 and TBH more glossy than I personally prefer, but fine for a quick print and meets people’s expectations of such. Cheap if you keep an eye out for special offers eg 2 for 1 (keep an eye on 7dayshop.co.uk, Amazon).
  • Decent semi/satin/luster. Olmec Satin has turned up trumps here. A classic RC paper (was ICI Imagetec), non-reflective surface, very white, not too thick, good price. Suits album work.
  • Decent cotton matt paper, as I’m more likely to be printing on matt to show off an image. After numerous sample packs I’ve gone for Innova Smooth Cotton High White. I like the texture and as you’ve probably guessed I like a fairly white paper (although this doesn’t seem to be too heavily loaded with OBAs). Decent price for what you get.
  • Sunday best. The goal was to find a not too glossy PK ink paper, light texture and not too cringing makingly expensive that I’d never actually print anything. So far Canson Platine 310 is looking good, the surface is lightly textured, semi-gloss and the test pics are excellent. I’m in mid-profile as I type to see if I can beat the OEM profile.

FWIW, I decided not to go with the Baryta type papers, not only are they a tad pricey for non-commercial use but by all accounts a bit fragile too.

Another way of putting it was I went through the Hannemuhle sample packs, found what I liked and then identified “budget” versions. I’ll take 90% of the performance at a discount, thank you.

[sounds of postman]

Argh, Somerset have just sent me a sample pack. Here we go again …

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Dunsfold 2010

Was persuaded to spend August bank holiday on Dunsfold airfield (the “Top Gear” location) at Wheels and Wings. Normally I try to avoid bank hols as both the weather and the traffic are rarely much fun. Well, we got lucky this year and had a fine day out. Pics in the gallery.

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Mission accomplished

A very fine weekend saw Hev and Owen hitched, much merriment and 1200+ photos to be sorted out.

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Camera – check, …

Off shortly to photo the wedding of some close friends, Hev and Owen. Fingers crossed the rain holds off.

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